Berkeley Lodging

To plan your travel: The conference sign-in will start at 8 AM, Friday, February 14, with presentations from 9 AM - 6 PM. February 15, Saturday, 9 AM to 3 PM. Both days include on-site lunch. NOTE: It's President's Day weekend. Monday, February 17, is a holiday.

There are multiple events in Berkeley during our conference so hotel space may be tight if you don't reserve early. An extensive listing of AirBNBs is also available in the area.

Hotel Shattuck Plaza in downtown Berkeley, a pleasant cross-campus 30-minute walk to the conference center, or 10 minutes by ride-share service. The conference has a discount arrangement with this hotel, please use the link above to receive the discount.

10- to 15-minute walk from the conference:

Graduate Hotel 15% discount, please use the link on the name to receive the discount, the code NCCMAID2020 should be already entered, but if not, this is the code.

Bancroft Hotel (pictured above)

Claremont Hotel and Spa

15- to 20-minute walk to the conference:
Rose Garden Inn (lovely bed & breakfast, limited space)

20- to 30-minute walk to the conference center:
Berkeley City Club An elegant architectural (Julia Morgan) landmark

Less expensive, Downtown Berkeley, about a 30-minute walk to the conference (10 minutes by ride-share):
Nash Hotel

Downtown Berkeley Inn

On the waterfront, too far to walk, about a 15-minute ride:

Doubletree Inn Berkeley Marina