Revolution Hall, Portland

The 2023 Conference Schedule is being developed.

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Some Potential Curriculum Topics May Be:

­čö╣Hospices and Aid in Dying: A land of many journeys
­čö╣The Pharmacology of Aid in Dying
­čö╣Red Flags for Prolonged and/or Complicated Aid in Dying
­čö╣Dancing with Prognostic Dilemmas
­čö╣The Complexities of ALS and other Neurodegenerative Diseases
­čö╣Capacity Evaluations, and the Potentially Suicidal Patient
­čö╣Improving Access to Aid in Dying
­čö╣Race, Ethnicity, and Spiritual Concerns
­čö╣Bereavement for Loved Ones of Aid-in-Dying Patients
­čö╣Palliative care practitioners and Aid-in-Dying
­čö╣Rural States and Aid in Dying
­čö╣Attending deaths: Doctors, nurses, volunteers, doulas, others
­čö╣Report from the Academy’s Ethics Consultation Service
­čö╣State Differences in Aid-in-Dying Laws and Practices
­čö╣Nursing Care for the Aid-in-Dying Patient: Evaluating, informing, following, attending.
­čö╣Tricks of the Trade of Self-Administration: Oral, Rectal, PEG, Ostomy