These are the updated 01/10/23 recommendations of the Conference Covid Policy Committee. Please see below for the overall rationale from the original 11/17/22 recommendations.

The Committee recommends:

These are the initial 11/17/22 recommendations of the Conference Covid Policy Committee. Since Covid information is always in evolution, we will review these policies monthly and update the recommendations as is appropriate.

Due to the concern for ‘triple threat’ emerging this winter for Covid, influenza, and RSV, we are advising a conservative approach in order to set expectations toward airborne respiratory pathogen protection.

• Based on the current Covid variants and rise of other airborne respiratory viruses, up-to-date vaccination (primary series plus recent booster) are required to attend the conference. In addition, each person is expected to wear a mask, preferably N95, at this event to maximize protection (KN95s are also acceptable; surgical masks are not). Presenters on the stage can remove their masks while presenting, but maintain distancing from other presenters. This consideration is for yourself as well as for any other attendees, many of whom will go home after the event to continue their work with vulnerable populations.

• Please do not come to the event if you have any respiratory symptoms.

Bring Covid home tests to self-test if you begin to have symptoms at the conference or if your travel to the conference involves potential riskier exposure.

• More specific guidelines may be available closer to the event based on current case transmission and local guidance.

Our recommendations for the Conference Covid protocols are and will be from these three sources. If one website contradicts another, we will follow the more conservative approach.

Conference Covid Policy Committee Members
Catherine S. Forest, MD, MPH, FAAFP
Debra Dunn, MSN, MBA, RN, CNOR
Pamela Harper, RN, CCH, CAC
Joe Derrough, MD
Monique Schaulis, MD